Game reserves, Nature reserves and Safari parks

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Get away from it all to discover wild life and nature trails in the tranquil surrounding areas of Gordon’s Bay.

Animal excursions & Game reserves

Close encounters with eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, buzzards, snakes and lizards

An opportunity to get up close and personal with the cheetahs or cubs

View an incredible variety of the big cats including lions, leopard and a tiger cub the park is also home to a number of Game and zebra

A wonderful opportunity to view some of Southern Africa’s mammals, reptiles and birds

Game drives on 220ha of land to view some of their indigenous wild life

A wildlife centre for primates and apes, more than 230 animals and 28 different species (Will send through 2 monkey pics tomorrow.)

Home to one of the largest successful breeding colonies of African Penguins in the world

View a working flock of more than 800 Indian Runner Ducks performing eco friendly pest control

  • Whale watching at our official site on Clarence Drive

There is no better place in the world to view the migration of the Southern Right Whales than the False bay Coastline from Hermanus to Simonstown. The whales begin their migration from the Antarctic and visit our shores between June and November. The Southern Right Whales use the coastal waters of False Bay as calving, nursery and mating grounds and are often seen just meters from the shore. Other whales that frequent the shoreline of False Bay are the Bryde Whale, Humpback Whale and Orcas.

Nature Reserves

  • Helderberg Nature Reserve

Birds are abundant in the reserve and over the years some 169 species have been recorded. It is home to a number of small antelope and one may be privileged to spot Bontebok, Grey Duiker, Grysbok and Steenbok.

  • Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve

Steenbras Nature Reserve and Crystal pools

The Steenbras nature reserve forms part of the greater Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve. This area is known as “the heart of the fynbos” There are more than 1600 plant species and boasts the greatest floral diversity area per unit area than anywhere else in the world. The area supports five different vegetation types. The reserve has a comprehensive bird species list and includes the fynbos region’s six endemic bird species. A permit (here) is required to enter Steenbras river Gorge and Crystal Pools hiking trail.

The hike is a combination of hiking and kloofing. Following the Palmiet River from its mouth up to the rocky Steenbras River Gorge. The hike leads to a series of five deep natural rock pools which are fed by waterfalls. The hike takes approximately 5 – 6 hrs round trip.

  • Harold Porter Botanical garden

Located between the mountain and sea, in the heart of the Cape fynbos region within the Kogelberg Biosphere reserve. The garden consists of 10 hectares of cultivated gardens and 190.5 hectares of pristine natural fynbos